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I have live journal

I have live journal. Me, Livejournal. Live Journal me. I don't know why I joined. LJ is so overated. Ah well. Now that introductions are made let's give the LJ community something to rant about.

That's right I'm making an entry today. Woo.

Well let's see...I've ordered my new tablet pen. It (hopefully) will be here next week. Woo? My last one broke after I snapped it T__T

All my exams are this week too. I need to start my art project considering it's due Friday ahahaha.QCS is on Tuesday + Wednesday. Not stressed, the prac was easy and it's invalid after two years. I hope I get a decent OP all the same. Townsville still sucks as usual.

NOT going to GENCON!
I forgot. Can't because as it happens I'll still be at school during it xD Ahaha. SUCKS ASS. Ah well, My inner sailor Jupiter will have to wait. I've been wearing my jupiter earrings as a tribute though. They're so pretty to wear and match my lipgloss.

Erm...I saw Harry Potter 6. Overated much. Sooo Boring. No action until the last 15 minutes. Mind you they went all out with the effects but it was still lame. Less relationship shit and more Carter thanks. That's how you make a Harry P. movie =P

Work went quick today. Brilliant. Have I mentioned I miss my tablet? I want to jump on the bandwagon and have a go at that Disney princess colouring book thing, even if mine will suck xD Which reminds me, if I haven't mentioned it before; I mighta, I've lost all my scraps 'cause my computers has pretty much screwed me over and barfed all over my work. That is to say it doesn't even turn on. Woo. I've also been flicking through some Corel magzines and am itching to have a try at some of the stuff, version 11 looks amazing! ^^ Though I also wanna try photoshop and see which I like better, 30day trials ftw.

Let's go onto my latest rant then? Tegaki E. Seriously it's a kinda half coolish thing but the people who have all these super hard things on theirs scare me. o.O I've tried it and I think it's insane. There's no blend or layers. The people who do what they do there are half crazy methinks xD Artists have too much time on their hands. I can't see myself doing it for as long as others do - probably why I'll never be the next all time fave deviation huh? xD

Digis is my addict. Kinda. I like the art and stuff but the way they work the sight is iffy to me. Pretty much the first pet you get is 500 of the currency the site uses. Then it goes up with every pet. now at first it's kinda reasonable but eventually it gets up to 50k. o.O It takes ages to eanr gold on this site so why would I do that? Secondly you can't trade pets for just gold and items. it has to be a trade as in you both give up a pet. So after you've hit that 50k line that's all the pets your main account is ever going to have unless you fork out $10 a month to get the latest colouration. Australian it's about $15. I know people need to make a living but $15 for a virtual pet seems insane. Kind of like a pay per play site only there's not much to play, just images to oggle xD The people who all have customs on the site ( other than the owner and staff ) also boggle me. They're $50 a custom. Some people have up to idk 6. That's $300 on virtual stuff @__@ I could NEVER justify that. I believe my enjoyment on this site is going to be very quick.

I've recently taken to doing my traditional media as well (boo!) Like coloured pencils. Zomg I love coloured pencils! They're so fun and my art class has thousands in so many shades <3 I spend forever picking colours and mixing. It's like a totally upgraded tablet with super pen pressure readability. =P bad joke. Sorry.

I also have been using pens rather than pencils. You can screw up way quicker but the overall effect looks so...idk, I just like it. My DA gallery has an example of both these new media types so go check them out.

Oooh I have also got two new manga from my trip to Brissy! I can't believe I haven't listed those yet. Anyways, I have got 1-8 of both Gentlemen's alliance and LOVELESS. zomg lovless volume 8 <3 I need number 9 ;__;. Gentlemen's alliance is ok. I'm not digging on this yakuza thing. Go back to it just being Shizumasa and Shizumasa II. Clone boy gets no name! D< Guess who I'm rooting for Amamiya to get with? -eye roll-

I also got the loveless anime but it's shitty. I was embarassed to watch it because frankly, it borders on pedophilic porn. If a cop came in and you started explaining pretty much any scene Soubi and ritsuka are in and then said you were really into it you'd get arrested. In the manga you can tone it down mentally I guess..idk it eases into it more. But in the anime it's so.....'zomg 12 year old child i MUST stalk because xomg I lurve him!! *pervert smile of rape time*' me: o.O brother: WTF!? me: I don't know why I'm watching this....

Seriously, usually me and my art teacher swap anime but this one really makes me go...you know what, I think she'd question my sanity *will not swap* Speaking of swapping I have the anime of Haunted junction. If you don't know this anime for shame. Go watch now kkthnxbai. Seriosuly, is hilarious, go watch. I love it ^^ xD Hmm I love that yet I have problems with loveless, something's wrong with my brain.

Anyways I have typed enough, i should join livehournal or something. Cya!

ps. My new song of the moment is Shakira's She-wolf. xD it's a weird film clip and kinda catching but the real clincher is 'There's a wolf in my closet!'ZOMGWTFTWBBQ@!#!!! Wold!? In MY closet!? Why yes there is. thanks. I don't think I'm gonna let it go though, would it me. *laughs* Ah the comments of youtube, how you make me laugh. Now bye again.

EDIT: Zomg wtf is quixotic? I use it anyway!
EDIT EDIT: LJ's spell check is weird,.