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Call me Lime

LJ. The only place I can whine and no one stops me.

2 May
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  • j4pi3@livejournal.com
I'm April. On gaia I'm Rainbow lime On digis I'm Raime on Deviant I'm J4PI3. Variety is the speice of life? I like...stuff. I like to rant and draw and sleep and make jokes only I get.

- 17 and still plays with $900 dolls (BJD fan)
- Like manga more than anime, hoardes both
- Brisbane < Townsville
- Dislikes Twillight & HP
- Watches Musicals
- Has a tablet,i suck tho
- I draw and write, both badly
- Has seen HP6 and didn't like it
- Saw Coraline and loved it
- Works at Donut King

What my interest are blank? Oh well. =/